A survivor of cancer, Tamara Hunter, has the passion that no one should face cancer alone. Now the Executive Director and Co-founder of a nonprofit to support this mission named Chemo Buddies for Life. A 501(c)3, Chemo Buddies for Life is working to end isolation during treatment, recovery and the “new normal” life. This program believes in healing through connections.
Recently, Tamara joined, The Speaker’s Coalition as an Executive Training Director. The Coalition asked that she share and train others how to build movements via nonprofit, for-profits with a cause and to understand how to grow through cause marketing.
Tamara has also created the Service Heroes Show and Program that is celebrating Service Concepts and Service Heroes on a daily basis through Facebook Lives. “365 Days of Awesome; Celebrate Success Through Service” highlights those who are serving others. It is Tamara’s goal to convey that every person has a Service Hero inside.

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