Samuel Flynn was born in Crossville, Tennessee in 1998. In the early 2000’s Samuel had an injury that discouraged him from completing his studies. So, he dropped out. In 2017, Samuel decided to take his GED test. Just falling short of a few points. He felt discouraged, feeling like he didn’t matter to his school. Then one day He got a call to come back and retake it. He passed and gained perspective. After high school, Samuel decided to further his studies and enrolled at CLI.
Samuel has a 3.8 and has completed 13 credit hours at CLI. Samuel has also received certification in Computer Science and is an advocate for Human Trafficking. Samuel also has his own Broadcasting Network. Info: Born and Raised in Crossville,Tennessee .I was born on the day of 22 of September in year 1998 .Here is some info about me. Graduated High School On May 16,2017 and finally certified in PC BASICS 101 by National Computer Science Academy and Certified in Bible Study by (WBS) "GOD HAS SPOKEN". Samuel Brock Flynn was an extra in the In Gramps Shoes and Gramps Goes To College and also and actor and director in Homestead Haunted House (2013) and also was on YouToo TV and aired 58 times and Samuel Brock Flynn has his own web radio show called Samuel Brock Flynn Show. Samuel Brock Flynn also did a commercial for a church in his own town and he got an appreciation certificate and Award for doing a commercial for the church. The church is Heavens Harvest Healing Rooms.Samuel Brock Flynn Promoted Film (I Sell Bibles) through multiple networks and he got credits for it .Samuel played as Bobby in Love Waits. Samuel has took some college courses through Stanford Online and he now has 4 Statement's of Accomplishments (1) Human Trafficking for the General Public (2) Human Trafficking for the RESTAURANT industry (3) Defining the String Quartet : Haydn (4) Computer Science 101 Samuel Also made a Promo video on Awareness of Human Trafficking and the purpose is to educate people and to report it if seeing it happen. My favorite Sport is Football . My religion : Christian Don't care to much for politics anymore. Disclaimer: Some of this stuff on here is more for the career spotlight and not be took the wrong way. It's just a list of stuff I've done in the past. ================================== Here is the Highlights of what I have completed in past: Television - YouToo America aka Known as " Youtoo Social TV" . I was on TV during years of 2012-2014 . Film - Love Waits (2015) , Homestead Haunted House (2013) , I Sell Bibles (Promotion) ,and Some Extra Work. Stage - Christian Academy of the Cumberlands Play called " Once Upon A Time" I was a Photographer/Paparazzi . Commercial - Christian Academy of the Cumberland School Commercial 2015 . Training - Heavens Harvest Healing Rooms Commercial old and New.
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